Alopecia- Symptoms Causes Treatment and Diagnosis


Alopecia, also known as Patchy Baldness or Patchy Hair-loss, is most common among all hair loss diseases. In Alopecia victim starts losing hair from non-specific part of the body, leaving soft baldness behind. Hair Transplant is an effective way of treating Alopecia. So, how would you find an Ideal Clinic for Hair Transplant In Indore?

In Alopecia the hair-bearing skin is affected, by internal or external reasons of the body, and leaves baldness, followed by scars and patches.

Alopecia can affect men, women, children of any age, but is mostly found in youngsters ( less than the age of 20). It can affect any part of the body, however, most of the cases are accounted for hair-loss and baldness.

Scientific researchers based on hair-loss reveals that sometimes immune system behaves abnormally and can’t identify hair follicles as the genuine part of the body and attacks on it, resulting in the hair-loss. Although, it can not be the only reason behind Alopecia.

More than 1 million cases are registered every year, In India related to Alopecia, so, It becomes an important thing for us to be aware of its symptoms so ( If it occurs) we can have a better treatment.


How is a body affected by Alopecia or its symptoms?

  • Hair fall-out from any part of the body, leaving circled smooth scars and patches on the body.
  • A superficial fungal infection called Tinea Capitis occurs on eyelashes, scalp, eyebrows. Affected areas hair become short, dull, gayish and discoloured.
  • In some cases, hair becomes thinner and often break easily.
  • Sudden loss of hair, usually can result in complete baldness in men. Women don’t lose hair completely.
  • Victims toenails show small dents and dullness.
  • Anxiety.
  • Itching on hair-bearing areas.

What can cause Alopecia?

  • Abnormality In Immune System- Hair follicles are attacked by the immune system as it finds them as an un-genuine part of the body.
  • Inherited Genes- Sometimes it occurs due to inherited genes owned by the ancestors.
  • Allergies- Allergies from certain food and fragrances can cause Alopecia to human.
  • Certain Medications- Medications taken by patients with chronic disease like kidney failure, radiation and chemotherapy can cause sudden hair-loss.
  • Other Medical Terms- Other reasons of Alopecia could be Vitamin-A overdose, deficiency of iron, malfunction of the thyroid gland, fever, hormonal imbalances, pregnancy.

How It Can be Cured or It’s Treatment and Diagnosis.

The cure for any disease is only possible when the patient has performed his complete biopsy from Doctor, for the confirmation of the disease. Doctor asks several questions regarding disease and your medical history. Then, you can go for the further treatment. In the case of Alopecia following treatments are performed.

  • Hair Transplantation-Hair transplantation is a proven method of treating Alopecia and currently, PRP, FUT and FUE are such hair transplant treatments, mostly used nowadays.
  • Steroids- Steroid injection can be used for stopping the Alopecia and fastening the growth of hair. Steroids are available in other forms such as Many lotions, capsules and shampoos. Results of steroids are limited to the best.
  • Herbal Supplements- Supplements made of natural products are less harmful and provide regular and steady results on hair growth.
  • Photochemotherapy- In some cases, Photochemotherapy is used for treatment. It is the type of radiation treatment in which combination of oral medication and ultraviolet light is used.
  • Wear Hair-Pieces- Hair Pieces made from human or synthetic hair can be used on the scalp from preventing it from further infection from sunscreen, dust and pollution.
  • Vitamins and Minerals Supplement- Hair falls occur due to deficiency of certain vitamins or minerals such as Vitamin A, zinc, and iron. Taking supplements can help in growing hair fast.
  • Consultation with Doctor- The victim must prevent from using drugs and hair-care products without any consultation with the doctor.


Hair transplantation is a mostly used way of treating Alopecia these days and becoming more and more popular nowadays, as people are so conscious of their look and style. Hair Transplant In Indore is performed by many surgeons and clinics. You will need a proper research and guidance before you go for hair transplantation.

Liposuction Vs Tummy Tuck: Comparison and Difference

Liposuction VS Tummytuck in indore

The Marmm clinic is a remarkable place for cosmetic surgeries and every month, a lot of patients visit the clinic for different reasons. Among the all cosmetic procedures performed by the clinic, some procedure create confusion for the patients because of some similarities like some procedure may aim the same organ of the body but it does not mean they are the same. Only a surgeon may decide the exact procedure for the issues after a proper diagnosis. Tummy Tuck in Indore and Liposuction in Indore are the two procedure that has some similarities but indeed, they are totally different. Both of the procedures are performed to improve the abdominal area but the reasons are quite different.


Thus, it is important to clear the doubts and understand the procedures of the two different treatments.

Let us have a brief look at the two procedures:



Liposuction in Indore

Liposuction is performed to deal with the excessive fat that cannot be removed with the help of exercise or diet. The areas where the excessive may be accumulated are the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, stomach, and the face. Generally, a suction device is used for the surgery and the surgeon inserts this device by making small incisions in the areas where the excess of fat is observed. Only local anesthesia is enough to perform Liposuction.

Tummy Tuck

Tummytuck in indore

The surgeon may decide to execute Tummy Tuck if due to different reasons there is a excessive loose skin on your abdominal area. As the aim of the procedure is quite clear, Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty in Indore is performed to remove the skin from your stomach. The surgeon may remove the fat or skin and restore separated muscles to improve the area of your stomach.  A tight and firmer belly is not always possible with the help of exercise and in many cases, the patients have to choose Tummy Tuck to deal with the saggy skin of the tummy. Generally, anesthesia is needed to perform this procedure.

Comparison of cosmetic results:

difference between liposuction in indore

As we see, both of the procedure deal with the abdominal area and the results are almost the same but in fact, these procedures are totally different. Tummy Tuck improved the skin with removing stretch marks and scars while Liposuction is not known for removing skin and it only removes excess fat from the area. The surgeon would choose Liposuction if excessive fat is accumulated on the areas but the abdominal area is already tight. After pregnancy, some ladies face a saggy skin on the abdominal areas and in this case, the surgeon generally chooses Tummy Tuck and if the patients wish to remove excess fat, the surgeon is more likely to choose Liposuction.
Only a surgeon may make the final decision to choose the best procedure for the patient. If you are facing excessive fat accumulation or a saggy skin on the stomach, you may have a meeting with the experts of the Marmm clinic for Tummy Tuck in Indore or Liposuction in Indore. For this, you have to talk to your surgeon about your problems and expectations and then, the surgeon may provide you the best solution for your issue.

Medicines Cause Severe Hair Loss

Hair loss is a result of several reasons such as hormonal disturbance, anemia, sleeping disorders, stress, unhealthy diet etc. But when we say certain medicines may cause hair loss as well, it seems surprising. Medicines are made to treat the diseases but as we all know, they may generate some side effects. One of such side effects is hair loss.


Certain medicines may stop the natural hair growth cycle, change the hair texture or hair color and in some cases, they cause severe hair loss.

How medicines affect the hair

There are three main phases of hair growth cycle, anagen catagen, and telogen. During anagen, the hair grows, during catagen, the hair prepares for telogen phase and during telogen phase, the hair rests. During this phase, older hairs are shed replaced by newer hairs.


hair loss reasons
hair loss causes

There are two types of hair loss caused by medicines:

Telogen effluvium:

This type of the hair loss causes the hair to go into the telogen phase. The symptoms of this type appear within two to four months after taking the medicine.

Anagen effluvium:

This type takes place during the anagen phase and the symptoms may appear within a few days to weeks after taking the medicines.


The severity of the hair loss depends on the type and dose of the medicine. In most of the cases, the hair loss caused by medicines is temporary and the hair grows back once the patient stops taking the medicine.

The medications are given below causing hair loss:


Chemotherapy medications:

Chemotherapy medicines lead to anagen effluvium hair loss since they kill the cancer cells, they may kill the healthy cells of the body including hair matrix cells.

Blood Thinners:

Blood thinners or anticoagulants help in certain complication like heart disease. These medicines may cause telogen effluvium hair loss. Some of the blood thinners causing hair loss are Warfarin sodium, heparin etc.

Vitamin A supplements:

Large doses of Vitamin A may cause telogen effluvium. When taken in large doses, vitamin A may lead to telogen effluvium.

Beta Blockers:

Beta blockers are helpful in heart disease and blood pressure and they are also known to cause severe hair loss. Some examples of Beta blockers are Atenolol, Nadolol etc.

Gout Medications:

Allopurinol is a medicine that is used to treat gout, can also cause telogen effluvium.


Certain medications used to treat depression and anxiety may cause hair loss.

Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors:

Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors are used for treating blood pressure, can lead to telogen effluvium hair loss.

Hormonal medications:

Males taking testosterone or anabolic steroids may face severe hair loss. Oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy may lead to hormonal changes in women causing hair loss.


As mentioned above, the hair loss caused by medicines is generally temporary and once you stop to take the medicine, it goes away without any treatment. If you think you have hair loss due to some medication, meet your doctor soon. He may advise you to stop the medicines or to take certain treatments.


Laser Hair Removal Indore

Getting rid of unwanted hairs is now easy with the help of Marmm KliniK, a leading clinic for laser hair removal in Indore. The methods used in the clinic are not temporary like waxing or shaving but laser hair removal is known as a permanent solution to the irritating problem. As the name of the method is suggesting, this procedure is performed using laser rays. This is a safe procedure but it is also recommended that you seek for the help of a trained doctor in the process of this procedure. Scarring or dark spots are possible if this procedure is not done in a safe and secure environment.


Proper method of laser hair removal treatment

This procedure is performed with the help of laser rays that are beamed on the required area. The rays remove the hair follicles without making any harm to the skin. Sometimes multiple sessions are required for complete results. Some of the patients have a need for full laser hair removal due to the hair on their whole body and they feel irritated because of the unwanted hairs. Laser hair removal is sufficient for such patients to provide them satisfactory results.


Laser Hair Removal Procedure
Laser Hair Removal

Considerable medical conditions before full laser hair removal treatment

Sometimes women cannot recognize the unnatural hair growth that may occur due to hormonal imbalance. For hormonal issues, the women must consult a gynecologist or endocrinologist before having a laser hair removal therapy.

Hormonal imbalance and related issues can be recognized with the help of the following signs:


Skin Problems

Acne issues or oily skin may be a sign of disruptions of certain hormones.


The person facing the hormonal disturbance may be short-tempered and he may face sudden changes in mood.

Irregular periods:

A disturbed menstrual cycle clearly shows the fluctuation of the hormonal level. Most of the time progesterone and estrogen level are disturbed due to the effects of another hormone cortisol.


You do not have any diet plan but you lose or gain your weight suddenly. It may show the changes in the hormone levels. You may observe excessive fat at the belly area and additionally, sleeping disorders or stress may occur at the same time.

Hair loss or unexpected hair growth:

Due to hormonal imbalance, balding, thinning of hair, or unexpected hair growth is possible and hair growth may include the face and chin area.


Fatigue without any clear reason is the sign of disturbed functions of the thyroid gland. In this state, you may feel tired and dizzy every time.


The women, facing hormonally disturbed and excessive hair growth at different parts of the body, should be examined thoroughly by a gynecologist by performing some tests and examinations. Laser hair removal in Indore, however an effective treatment but it may not work for the women facing such problems. Proper treatment is the proper way to deal with these problems.


From thinning of hair to thick and dense hair

PRP Hair Loss Treatment

If you are experiencing severe thinning of hair then you can undergo PRP hair loss treatment that is a superior procedure ensuring positive results without causing any harm to the body and scalp. Thinning of hair is not a sudden attack of the disease but it is the end of a process that was going on in your body but you failed to recognize it. There are a number of causes that damage your hair root and cause your hair follicles to shrink constantly. As the final result, excessive hair fall or thinning of hair takes place. Thus, what you are experiencing now is just a result of several reasons and your ignorance.


Reasons For Hair Loss

There are multiple reasons that may damage your hair follicles and scalp. some of the reasons are harsh weather conditions, bad sleeping habits or sleeping disorders, stress, poor diet, hormonal changes, genetic causes, side effects of the medications, poor hair care etc.

As you see, there is a long list of the root causes of hair loss and a common patient cannot know the exact reason causing the problems. So, it is necessary if you observe hair loss, just see a hair loss expert.


Procedure And Effects of PRP:

PRP Procedure

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a substance containing growth factors that stimulate hair growth and increase the rate of healing of the cells. PRP is prepared by drawing the blood from the body of the patient and placing the sample in a centrifuge to separate the parts of the blood. Following a certain process, the PRP experts create PRP injections to inject into the affected areas of the scalp. PRP is an outpatients procedure and however, the patients may need multiple sessions to see complete results. The effects of the PRP hair loss treatment are just unimaginable. PRP works on the dull hairs and hair roots amazingly to make them strong and shiny again. The patients can see the results just after the first PRP session and sometimes, only one session is enough to get complete results.

Thin Vs Thick Hair:

Thinn Vs ThickThinning of hair is a common problem for the patients but fortunately, they have a chance to bring back their think, dense, and shiny hair again. If you are facing severe hair loss problems, just leave trying anything else and meet a PRP hair loss treatment expert as soon as possible and get amazing results.


Advantages of PRP:

First of all, PRP is a non-surgical option for the patients. Many patients do not like to undergo the surgery and hope for a procedure that is not surgical in nature. PRP is ideal for such patients. PRP is completely safe procedure since the blood sample is drawn from the patient’s own body without any chance of infection. PRP treatment is an outpatient procedure so you have no need to stay in the clinic for a long time.

PRP Hair Treatment For Thinning of Hair:

PRP is the best procedure for you if your hair follicles are growing hairs and a large area of your scalp is still covered by the hair. The hair on the scalp shows that the conditions are not extremely severe. In this conditions, PRP can be a magical treatment for you.

PRP hair loss treatment

You have always loved winters since your child hood. Winters are everyone’s favourite. We wait whole year to welcome winters because it is season with which we can enjoy the most. Winters are the most comfortable season for almost all of us but your hairs never understand your love for winters. The winters do not have any relation with your hairs. In winters hair start to shred so fast that they become difficult to manage. Winters make your head scalp dry which tends to shred hairs at a faster rate. If this increases and hair issues become unmanageable you may opt for PRP Hair Loss Treatment at Marmm Klinik.

Is hair issue really a problem for you in winters? Don’t worry for the coming winter just try these tricks and you can manage your unmanageable hair loss easily. Take these easy steps to manage hair issues these winters:

  • Don’t take much stress – Stress is common cause of hair loss so never stress it too much otherwise your hair will start to shred at a faster rate in upcoming winters. Winter is a season that needs you to relax and not stress.
  • Cover it up – It is sure that cold winds in the winter seasons may cause harm to your roots of hairs which leads to weakening of hairs in such cases you must cover up your hairs too with your body to save it from cold winds so that they may stay protected and strong.
  • Wash less – In autumn and summer your hairs get dirty very often and thus it is advisable you wash them more but when it is winter your hairs remains to be clean for long and thus you need to wash it so frequently.


PRP treatment in indore


  • Hair loss treatments – Just like your skin your head scalp also get dried up faster in winters thus to maintain its nourishments you can do regular oil treatments so that it does not weakens and remains to be healthy.
  • Use moisturizer and conditioners after every wash – With wash your hairs may return back to roughness but if you use right conditioner they will remain to be strong and will not shred so fast.
  • Use garlic – Garlic is known to create wonders in hair issues. Rich in sulfur, copper and vitamin c this natural ingredient can act wonder for hairs especially in winters. By rightly promoting hair growth it also reduces any sort of hair loss.


When you have all such tricks you are less likely to face hair issues in upcoming winters still if in case you face any issues you may go for right solution which can be various hair treatments that are available in market. If hair problems reach at extreme stages this treatments and medication may help your hairs. If you are looking for better results that last for lifetime you may trust Hair Transplant in Indore at Marmm Klinik.

8 Actual Reasons Where Hair Loss Affects Relationships

PRP Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is common problem these days. Almost 4 in one individual face hair issues. Losing hairs at an elderly age of 50 – 60 years can be fine but in young people it is a big cause of worry. Hairs have been long attached to one’s personal identity. Loss of hairs knowingly or unknowingly affects ones psychological identity these contribute to effecting one’s self confidence. The right solutions to such issues can be PRP Hair Loss Treatment.

There have been cases where hairs have been a cause of losing job, broken marriages and rejected proposals. Hair loss in society is attached to aging factor and when individual loses hairs it feels that he has reached to middle age. In men hair loss can affect the personality and in females it directly affect one’s beauty thus hair loss effects an individual both emotionally and physically. There have been various cases where hair loss has cause loss to relationships. Some of these are:

1. Hair leads to break ups

Hair is true symbol of liveliness. It has been observed that often female feel embraced introducing their bald partner and this result in ruining of relationships.

2. Feeling distressed and stressful

Hair loss may also be attached to tensions and stress which may lead to diseases, excessive weight loss and stressful activities.

3. Depressions

One of the extreme issues that occur due to hair loss is stress. Everyone need head scalp full of hairs and this may lead to excessive depression which also affects normal routine work.

4. Human face isolation due to hair loss

Both female and males feels guilty about their hair loss and avoid facing public appearance which results in losing their jobs and staying away from public.

Marmm (1)

5. The end of youth

As hairs are a major concern of youthfulness, bald patches and hair loss may make a human feel that he/she is no more young which feels like this is an end of their youth.

6. Low self esteem

Confidence is the important both in personal and professional life. Loss of hair makes one feel de-motivated which results in low esteem.


7. Social teasing and humiliation

Sadly sometimes hair loss also lead to comments and teasing. Especially in females.

8. Negative affects in social and personal life

People with fewer hairs are less attractive thus they receive less appreciation in family and their official life.

When hair loss and baldness is a major issue it is sad that people face personal problems in their life. Other than affecting the appearance, hair issue sadly contributes an individual physically, emotionally and personally. When hair issue is such a big problem it is advisable to take right measure to fight such issues. In such cases an individual can go for various available hair treatment and solution. Among various hair treatment alternatives PRP Hair Loss Treatment is the most chosen option for hair patients who are looking for trustworthy hair results without any surgical surgery.

Receding Hairlines in Women – Various Causes and Solutions!


Hair loss can be pretty horrifying!

And when it is in females it disturbs all your looks making you look ugly and aged at a very young age. Sadly in women the hair loss is often identified by receding hair lines. An unusual white line on your head scalp! When it at initial level it is hardly identified and thus is often ignored by female but later with time it increases creating a wide space between hair growth which can be then visible clearly.

Unhealthy hair growth over your head scalp on an elderly women health is pretty ok but when it is at an early age it is a sign of tension and women start hiding their head scalp. It is sad that receding hairline in women at an extreme stage in non curable thus as soon as a women notice such symptoms on his head scalp he must go for effective hair solutions as soon as possible.

 Hair Transplant in Indore

Why receding hair line?

Early issue of hair loss in women can be solved by an effective PRP Hair Loss Treatment available at Marmm Klinik.

When you know the exact cause of your issue you can find the perfect solution as well to eradicate the problem but there are many more causes of receding hair line in women out of which some are:

  • Due to hereditary or genetic disorders.
  • Due to extreme effects of certain medications.
  • Due to crashed diet that missed essential protein, vitamin and minerals.
  • Due to hormonal imbalance which may include pregnancy or menopause.
  • Due to iron deficiency etc.

Does immune system disorder effect female hair growth?

Yes, to an extent. When you have an affected immune system it some how effects your hair follicle growth the results of which female observe an unusual female pattern hair loss that is receding hair lines.

Does age affect hair loss?

Yes, Definitely After an age of 60 more than 75% women losses their hair and it is ok to loss hair at such an age but losing hair at an early age of 25 – 30 can be sign of worry.

However there are many causes of receding hair lines in females but with a proper solution the effects of this cause can be fought and right solutions can be obtained.

Easy solutions to receding hair lines in females: -

  • A proper dosage of Minoxidil as suggested by hair doctor.
  • Taking tablets of Finasteride can work.
  • Corticosteroid & Topical corticosteroids ointments are also a chosen option for hair issues in females.
  • Therapies like PRP , Mesotherapy and Immunotherapy also work in some cases.

Last but not the least, females can go for an effective hair transplantation technique that has long been famous for fighting all types of hair issues including receding hair lines in women. When any female is looking for effective hair procedure she must only trust Hair Transplant in Indore for effective solutions.

10 Things You Need To Know About Beard Transplant

Beard Transplant

Hair transplant surgery is extremely popular and it is considered as a surgery that restores the hair on your head. However, the hair transplant can store the hair in any part of the body like beard, mustache, eyebrow etc. Many of the males are choosing Beard Hair Transplant in Indore for a masculine look. This technique is helpful for those who are looking for more facial hairs to make the beard fuller and denser.

If you are one of those, we have 10 important things to know before you undergo the treatment:

1. It is not different from hair transplant surgery:

Beard hair transplant is not a different technique and it is similar to hair transplant surgery. The surgeon selects a donor area and removes required hairs to transplant to the beard area. The hair must match your beard hairs.

2. Permanent solution

Like hair transplant, beard hair transplant is a permanent solution. It means the transplanted facial hairs grow like normal hairs and you are free to shave as well.


3. Your Hair would grow like facial hair:

The transplanted hairs are likely to grow just like the hair on your face. It is not wise to compare the growth of hair with the growth of the hair on your head.

4. It is a painless procedure:

Beard hair transplant is a completely painless procedure. It is performed with the help of the FUE technique without making large incisions.

5. Shaving:

Avoid shaving for about ten days after the beard hair transplant as your skin needs some time to heal. Always consult with the surgeon when you are going to shave for the first time after the surgery.

6. Don’t take it easy:

Beard hair transplant is a surgical process and in case of improper aftercare, you may face unwanted issues like an infection of the skin. Thus, take this surgery seriously and follow the instructions of the surgeon.

beard transplant

7. The results are perfectly natural

If you are going to be treated under supervisions of an authentic doctor, you are going to have amazingly natural results. A skilled doctor examines your beard hair growth pattern and he seeks for the same pattern while looking for a suitable donor area.

8. Don’t choose a cheap option:

Cheap options look attractive, but actually, these options would not give you anything except an unnatural beard. Therefore, always prefer high-quality treatments.


9. Beard transplant is a confidence booster:

Beard transplant can increase your self-confidence and self-esteem. Like hair transplant surgery, beard transplant surgery is known to heal the people psychologically.

10. The transplanted hairs fall out:

Like hair transplant, the transplanted hairs fall out after some time and then, they grow again with full strength and thickness.

At the end, the most important thing to remember is the selection of the surgeon and a proper aftercare. If you communicate with your skilled surgeon effectively, nothing can alter your positive results.

World FUE Institute Workshop

The Marmm Klinik of Indore has become a leading name in the field of Hair Transplant in Indore. The team of the clinic is led by Dr. Amit Porwal who is known to show ultimate skills and efficiency when they perform any plastic surgery or hair restoration procedure. Dr. Porwal is a certified, well-trained, and skilled doctor and they like to improve the level of the efficiency of his treatments. Therefore, he is engaged in various activities that help him learn some more about hair restoration and plastic surgery.


The Recent Visit of Dr. Amit Porwal

Last days Dr. Amit Porwal attended 2nd International World FUE Institute Workshop that was held in Athens. World FUE Institute organized this workshop from June 2, 2017, to June 24, 2017, at Divani Caravel Hotel, Athens, Attica, Greece. The World FUE Institute is an international organization of licensed plastic surgeons.
This workshop was organized with the aim to provide accurate information about the latest advancements, methodology, instrumentation, and technology. Additionally, the workshop was organized to inspire the plastic surgeon to generate some new ideas to improve the quality of hair restoration treatments. The organizers used surgeries, instructive videos, and lectures to share the information effectively. All the guest find the information really helpful.


Getting Familiar With The Works Of Dr. Amit Porwal

Dr. Amit Porwal has completed his B.D.S. and M.D.S. from Indore and he has attended a fellowship in Facial Plastic Surgery from Bangalore along with Laser treatment training from Spain.
He started his career with a single dream to make the Marmm Klinik a world-class clinic that follow all the international treatment standards and provides first-rate treatments to the patients. The clinic follows the ‘day care’ concept that promises the patients to send back at the same day of the treatment. He is a member of various Associations and he has got C. M. award Yuva Captain as the youngest entrepreneur Doctor of M.P in 2011 and wellness wizard M.P award by The Times of India.




Dr. Amit Porwal has a solid plan to improve the quality of hair transplant to serve the patients with more integrity and selflessness.

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