Liposuction Vs Tummy Tuck: Comparison and Difference

Liposuction VS Tummytuck in indore

The Marmm clinic is a remarkable place for cosmetic surgeries and every month, a lot of patients visit the clinic for different reasons. Among the all cosmetic procedures performed by the clinic, some procedure create confusion for the patients because of some similarities like some procedure may aim the same organ of the body but it does not mean they are the same. Only a surgeon may decide the exact procedure for the issues after a proper diagnosis. Tummy Tuck in Indore and Liposuction in Indore are the two procedure that has some similarities but indeed, they are totally different. Both of the procedures are performed to improve the abdominal area but the reasons are quite different.


Thus, it is important to clear the doubts and understand the procedures of the two different treatments.

Let us have a brief look at the two procedures:



Liposuction in Indore

Liposuction is performed to deal with the excessive fat that cannot be removed with the help of exercise or diet. The areas where the excessive may be accumulated are the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, stomach, and the face. Generally, a suction device is used for the surgery and the surgeon inserts this device by making small incisions in the areas where the excess of fat is observed. Only local anesthesia is enough to perform Liposuction.

Tummy Tuck

Tummytuck in indore

The surgeon may decide to execute Tummy Tuck if due to different reasons there is a excessive loose skin on your abdominal area. As the aim of the procedure is quite clear, Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty in Indore is performed to remove the skin from your stomach. The surgeon may remove the fat or skin and restore separated muscles to improve the area of your stomach.  A tight and firmer belly is not always possible with the help of exercise and in many cases, the patients have to choose Tummy Tuck to deal with the saggy skin of the tummy. Generally, anesthesia is needed to perform this procedure.

Comparison of cosmetic results:

difference between liposuction in indore

As we see, both of the procedure deal with the abdominal area and the results are almost the same but in fact, these procedures are totally different. Tummy Tuck improved the skin with removing stretch marks and scars while Liposuction is not known for removing skin and it only removes excess fat from the area. The surgeon would choose Liposuction if excessive fat is accumulated on the areas but the abdominal area is already tight. After pregnancy, some ladies face a saggy skin on the abdominal areas and in this case, the surgeon generally chooses Tummy Tuck and if the patients wish to remove excess fat, the surgeon is more likely to choose Liposuction.
Only a surgeon may make the final decision to choose the best procedure for the patient. If you are facing excessive fat accumulation or a saggy skin on the stomach, you may have a meeting with the experts of the Marmm clinic for Tummy Tuck in Indore or Liposuction in Indore. For this, you have to talk to your surgeon about your problems and expectations and then, the surgeon may provide you the best solution for your issue.

Who Are The Best Candidates For Liposuction?

Liposuction in Indore

Liposuction in Indore

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is the process of removing the excessive fat from an area of the body. It is also called lipoplasty or just lipo. Liposuction in Indore a cosmetic surgery used to break the excessive of the body. Mainly this procedure is applied on the thighs, abdomen, calves, back, buttocks, neck, chin etc. A hollow instrument called a cannula is used to remove the fat. The instrument is inserted under the skin to make a powerful vacuum to suck the excessive fat.


Who Are The Best Candidates for Liposuction?

When we talk about the candidacy for the liposuction procedure, it is a most considerable point that liposuction is not a weight-loss method. Moreover, this treatment does not treat obesity. It means this treatment must not be used as a replacement for the treatment of weight loss or obesity.

The liposuction improves the look of the person and does not provide any physical health benefits. However, a person following a healthy diet can have much better results after the liposuction session. According to some experts, liposuction should be used only when the fat cannot be burned following the traditional ways like exercises, dieting etc.

  • The patients having good skin tone and elasticity are considered as good candidates for liposuction.
  • The people with a good health condition should go for this procedure.
  • The patients with certain diseases like diabetes, a weak immune system must not choose this procedure. It is better if the patient is 18 or above years old.
  • Patients with average body weight can go for this procedure.


The Doctors Can Decide Appropriately

This information cannot replace the expert advice of a trained doctor. Before reach any decision, it is better to visit a clinic to seek for suggestions of a doctor. An expert can guide you most appropriately regarding your candidacy.

The Marmm Klinik is a prominent and trusted place for Liposuction in Indore. The patients coming to the clinic are checked deeply and if they are found to be good candidates, they are treated. If they are not good candidates, they are suggested to have some other treatments. The doctors of the clinic have no tendency to cheat any patient just for their own benefits. Therefore, this clinic is a reliable name in the field of cosmetic surgery. The patients who think they are good candidates for liposuction can come to the clinic for a checkup.

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