10 Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Faster Hair Growth


The appearance of the body is backed by those long and tiny black fur on your scalp. The more dense and lengthy they are, the more charming your look would be. But, sometimes they get sick and start falling and thinning due to low level of vitamins and minerals in body. So, now the first question hits on your mind is where would you go for Hair Loss Treatment in Indore, If you ever needed one.

First, the thing to be understood here is faster hair growth is not an overnight thing.

Second, you have to identify the reasons causing the slow hair growth and thickness. There are many reasons such as physical stress, pregnancy, heredity, lack of sleep, anxiety and one of the most common reason is found in the patients is lack of necessary vitamins and minerals in the body for faster hair growth.

In the following story, we are going to discuss “10 Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Faster Hair Growth”

Let’s Check These Out

Vitamin A-

Vitamin A for hair growthVitamin A is responsible for producing a natural oil on the scalp, called ‘Sebum’ which keeps hair shiny and glossy. It provides various antioxidants which keep the scalp moisturised. Vitamin A is the best vitamin for fast hair growth and thickness.

Foods containing Vitamin A- Sweet potatoes, spinach, mangoes, liver, fish carrots egg yolk.

Vitamin B12-

Vitamin B12 for hair growth

Just like the other Vitamin B’s genre, Vitamin B12 is also soluble in water and travel through blood streams. It aids in cell building and growth by absorbing iron from foods. Lack of iron can lead to hair loss and dryness.

Foods Containing Vitamin B12- Beef, pork, meat, fish, dairy products, eggs and some nutritional yeast products.



Vitamin C for hair growthVitamin-C is an essential vitamin for a better hair growth. It helps in absorbing iron, which leads to strong and shiny hair. Vitamin-C helps in building a type of protein called ‘Collagen’ which prevents hair fall and help in maintaining hair strength.

Foods Containing Vitamin-C – Lemons, strawberries, oranges, brussels sprout, papaya, kiwi, red bell peppers.


Vitamin E for hair growthVitamin-E is also considered a vital vitamin for the healthy hair. It has antioxidants which aid in building and repairing of tissue. When you apply any oil or other liquid, ingredients Vitamin-E, It helps in improving blood circulation, boosts oxygen supply and building damaged hair follicles. It protects your overall health of hair.

Foods Containing Vitamin-E- Almonds, spinach, peanuts. sunflower seeds, dried herbs.

Biotin or Vitamin B71

Biotin also plays an important role in building healthy locks which make your hair stuck and not make it fall. It produces glucose which helps in breaking proteins into amino acids. These amino acids keeps hair healthy and aids in building tissue faster.

Food Containing Biotin- Bananas, almonds, yeast, peanut butter, walnuts, avocados, mushrooms, eggs, raspberries.



Iron for Hair GrowthIron is an important mineral for body and, particularly, for hair too. Iron helps in building hair follicles which make hair strong and lengthy. Without iron, the growth of your hair would stop and become dry, dull, and weak.

Foods Containing Iron- Red meat, beef, eggs, spinach, apricots


Omega-3-for-Hair-GrowthOmega 3 is helpful in overall cardiovascular system and tissue maintenance. It helps in nourishing your hair and scalp, resulting in strong and shiny hair. Less consumption of Omega 3 can result in hair loss, dandruff and dryness.

Food Containing Omega 3- Tofu, spinach, navy beans, mustard seeds, walnuts, omega-3 eggs.


manganese for Hair GrowthDoctors say that magnesium also plays an integral part in the strength and growth of hair. It helps hair follicles in being healthy and promoting the hair growth. Without magnesium, your hair growth can come to stop.

Food Containing Magnesium-solman, nuts, seeds, wild rice


Zinc for Hair GrowthZinc is a mineral which helps in building a powerful immune system, digestion and maintaining the level of hormones in your body. Deficiency of Zinc would directly throw an effect on any of these, leading to weak hair, unnurtured scalp and more hair issues.

Food Containing Zinc- Nuts, eggs, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, garlic, mushrooms, yoghurt

These 10 vitamins and minerals can help hair grow faster and prevent hair fall. But there is one more way you can sort out the issue is “PRP Hair Loss Treatment” in which Platelet Rich Plasma (which is responsible for stimulating hair growth in the body), along with vitamins and minerals, is injected on your scalp for fastening the hair growth.

It is a proven method of hair loss treatment, and highly effective.

Alopecia- Symptoms Causes Treatment and Diagnosis

Alopecia Areata Causes

Alopecia, also known as Patchy Baldness or Patchy Hair-loss, is most common among all hair loss diseases. In Alopecia victim starts losing hair from non-specific part of the body, leaving soft baldness behind. Hair Transplant is an effective way of treating Alopecia. So, how would you find an Ideal Clinic for Hair Transplant In Indore?

In Alopecia the hair-bearing skin is affected, by internal or external reasons of the body, and leaves baldness, followed by scars and patches.

Alopecia can affect men, women, children of any age, but is mostly found in youngsters ( less than the age of 20). It can affect any part of the body, however, most of the cases are accounted for hair-loss and baldness.

Scientific researchers based on hair-loss reveals that sometimes immune system behaves abnormally and can’t identify hair follicles as the genuine part of the body and attacks on it, resulting in the hair-loss. Although, it can not be the only reason behind Alopecia.

More than 1 million cases are registered every year, In India related to Alopecia, so, It becomes an important thing for us to be aware of its symptoms so ( If it occurs) we can have a better treatment.

alopecia-areata Symptoms

How is a body affected by Alopecia or its symptoms?

  • Hair fall-out from any part of the body, leaving circled smooth scars and patches on the body.
  • A superficial fungal infection called Tinea Capitis occurs on eyelashes, scalp, eyebrows. Affected areas hair become short, dull, gayish and discoloured.
  • In some cases, hair becomes thinner and often break easily.
  • Sudden loss of hair, usually can result in complete baldness in men. Women don’t lose hair completely.
  • Victims toenails show small dents and dullness.
  • Anxiety.
  • Itching on hair-bearing areas.

What can cause Alopecia?

  • Abnormality In Immune System- Hair follicles are attacked by the immune system as it finds them as an un-genuine part of the body.
  • Inherited Genes- Sometimes it occurs due to inherited genes owned by the ancestors.
  • Allergies- Allergies from certain food and fragrances can cause Alopecia to human.
  • Certain Medications- Medications taken by patients with chronic disease like kidney failure, radiation and chemotherapy can cause sudden hair-loss.
  • Other Medical Terms- Other reasons of Alopecia could be Vitamin-A overdose, deficiency of iron, malfunction of the thyroid gland, fever, hormonal imbalances, pregnancy.

How It Can be Cured or It’s Treatment and Diagnosis.

The cure for any disease is only possible when the patient has performed his complete biopsy from Doctor, for the confirmation of the disease. Doctor asks several questions regarding disease and your medical history. Then, you can go for the further treatment. In the case of Alopecia following treatments are performed.

  • Hair Transplantation-Hair transplantation is a proven method of treating Alopecia and currently, PRP, FUT and FUE are such hair transplant treatments, mostly used nowadays.
  • Steroids- Steroid injection can be used for stopping the Alopecia and fastening the growth of hair. Steroids are available in other forms such as Many lotions, capsules and shampoos. Results of steroids are limited to the best.
  • Herbal Supplements- Supplements made of natural products are less harmful and provide regular and steady results on hair growth.
  • Photochemotherapy- In some cases, Photochemotherapy is used for treatment. It is the type of radiation treatment in which combination of oral medication and ultraviolet light is used.
  • Wear Hair-Pieces- Hair Pieces made from human or synthetic hair can be used on the scalp from preventing it from further infection from sunscreen, dust and pollution.
  • Vitamins and Minerals Supplement- Hair falls occur due to deficiency of certain vitamins or minerals such as Vitamin A, zinc, and iron. Taking supplements can help in growing hair fast.
  • Consultation with Doctor- The victim must prevent from using drugs and hair-care products without any consultation with the doctor.

Mid Alopecia Treatment in Indore

Hair transplantation is a mostly used way of treating Alopecia these days and becoming more and more popular nowadays, as people are so conscious of their look and style. Hair Transplant In Indore is performed by many surgeons and clinics. You will need a proper research and guidance before you go for hair transplantation.

Medicines Cause Severe Hair Loss in Indore

Hair loss is a result of several reasons such as hormonal disturbance, anemia, sleeping disorders, stress, unhealthy diet etc. But when we say certain medicines may cause hair loss as well, it seems surprising. Medicines are made to treat the diseases but as we all know, they may generate some side effects. One of such side effects is hair loss.


Certain medicines may stop the natural hair growth cycle, change the hair texture or hair color and in some cases, they cause severe hair loss.

How medicines affect the hair

There are three main phases of hair growth cycle, anagen catagen, and telogen. During anagen, the hair grows, during catagen, the hair prepares for telogen phase and during telogen phase, the hair rests. During this phase, older hairs are shed replaced by newer hairs.


Medicines that Cause hair loss
hair loss causes in Indore

There are two types of hair loss caused by medicines:

Telogen effluvium:

This type of the hair loss causes the hair to go into the telogen phase. The symptoms of this type appear within two to four months after taking the medicine.

Anagen effluvium:

This type takes place during the anagen phase and the symptoms may appear within a few days to weeks after taking the medicines.

Hair implant in Indore

The severity of the hair loss depends on the type and dose of the medicine. In most of the cases, the hair loss caused by medicines is temporary and the hair grows back once the patient stops taking the medicine.

The medications are given below causing hair loss:


Chemotherapy medications:

Chemotherapy medicines lead to anagen effluvium hair loss since they kill the cancer cells, they may kill the healthy cells of the body including hair matrix cells.

Blood Thinners:

Blood thinners or anticoagulants help in certain complication like heart disease. These medicines may cause telogen effluvium hair loss. Some of the blood thinners causing hair loss are Warfarin sodium, heparin etc.

Vitamin A supplements:

Large doses of Vitamin A may cause telogen effluvium. When taken in large doses, vitamin A may lead to telogen effluvium.

Beta Blockers:

Beta blockers are helpful in heart disease and blood pressure and they are also known to cause severe hair loss. Some examples of Beta blockers are Atenolol, Nadolol etc.

Gout Medications:

Allopurinol is a medicine that is used to treat gout, can also cause telogen effluvium.


Certain medications used to treat depression and anxiety may cause hair loss.

Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors:

Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors are used for treating blood pressure, can lead to telogen effluvium hair loss.

Hormonal medications:

Males taking testosterone or anabolic steroids may face severe hair loss. Oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy may lead to hormonal changes in women causing hair loss.


As mentioned above, the hair loss caused by medicines is generally temporary and once you stop to take the medicine, it goes away without any treatment. If you think you have hair loss due to some medication, meet your doctor soon. He may advise you to stop the medicines or to take certain treatments.


From thinning of hair to thick and dense hair

PRP Hair Loss Treatment in Indore

If you are experiencing severe thinning of hair then you can undergo PRP hair loss treatment that is a superior procedure ensuring positive results without causing any harm to the body and scalp. Thinning of hair is not a sudden attack of the disease but it is the end of a process that was going on in your body but you failed to recognize it. There are a number of causes that damage your hair root and cause your hair follicles to shrink constantly. As the final result, excessive hair fall or thinning of hair takes place. Thus, what you are experiencing now is just a result of several reasons and your ignorance.


Reasons For Hair Loss

There are multiple reasons that may damage your hair follicles and scalp. some of the reasons are harsh weather conditions, bad sleeping habits or sleeping disorders, stress, poor diet, hormonal changes, genetic causes, side effects of the medications, poor hair care etc.

As you see, there is a long list of the root causes of hair loss and a common patient cannot know the exact reason causing the problems. So, it is necessary if you observe hair loss, just see a hair loss expert.


Procedure And Effects of PRP:

PRP Procedure in Indore

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a substance containing growth factors that stimulate hair growth and increase the rate of healing of the cells. PRP is prepared by drawing the blood from the body of the patient and placing the sample in a centrifuge to separate the parts of the blood. Following a certain process, the PRP experts create PRP injections to inject into the affected areas of the scalp. PRP is an outpatients procedure and however, the patients may need multiple sessions to see complete results. The effects of the PRP hair loss treatment are just unimaginable. PRP works on the dull hairs and hair roots amazingly to make them strong and shiny again. The patients can see the results just after the first PRP session and sometimes, only one session is enough to get complete results.

Thin Vs Thick Hair:

Thin VS Thick Hair Treatment in IndoreThinning of hair is a common problem for the patients but fortunately, they have a chance to bring back their think, dense, and shiny hair again. If you are facing severe hair loss problems, just leave trying anything else and meet a PRP hair loss treatment expert as soon as possible and get amazing results.


Advantages of PRP:

First of all, PRP is a non-surgical option for the patients. Many patients do not like to undergo the surgery and hope for a procedure that is not surgical in nature. PRP is ideal for such patients. PRP is completely safe procedure since the blood sample is drawn from the patient’s own body without any chance of infection. PRP treatment is an outpatient procedure so you have no need to stay in the clinic for a long time.

PRP Hair Treatment For Thinning of Hair:

PRP is the best procedure for you if your hair follicles are growing hairs and a large area of your scalp is still covered by the hair. The hair on the scalp shows that the conditions are not extremely severe. In this conditions, PRP can be a magical treatment for you.


“विटामिन” एक ऐसा तत्व जो हमारी सेहत के लिए बहुत जरुरी है पर क्या आप जानते है विटामिन न केवल आपकी सेहत के लिए जरुरी है बल्कि आपकी खूबसूरती के लिए भी विटामिन बहुत आवश्यक है! आपका स्वास्थय अच्छा होगा तभी आप खूबसूरत दिखेंगे और बाहरी खूबसूरती के लिए अंदरूनी खूबसूरती का होना बहुत आवश्यक है . विटामिन आपकी खूबसूरती को अंदर से बनाये रखने मै आपकी मदद करते है


बालो को खूबसूरत और त्वचा को चमकदार बनाने के लिए विटामिन बहुत जरुरी है.विटामिन की कमी के कारण बाल जड़ से कमजोर हो जाते है और त्वचा अंदर से अपनी नमी खो देती है.
आइये जानते है कोनसे विटामिन आपके बालो और त्वचा की खूबसूरती को बनाये रखने मै मददगार है


1) विटामिन ‘ए’:-


विटामिन ‘ए’ बालों और त्वचा दोनों के लिए बहुत मत्वपूर्ण है.यह बालो को लम्बा और चमकदार बनाने मै मत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभाता है विटामिन ‘ए’ हमारी त्वचा के लिए भी बहुत आवशयक है यह त्वचा मै आये ढीलेपन को ठीक करता है और झुर्रियों को कम करने मै भी मदद करता है विटामिन ए के उपयोग से त्वचा कोमल और बाल मुलायम बने रहते है. सबसे अधिक विटामिन ए गाजर और दूध मै पाया जाता है.लेकिन एक चीज़ हमेशा ध्यान रखे विटामिन ‘ए’ का अधिक मात्रा मै सेवन गंजेपन का कारण हो सकता है.

2) विटामिन ‘बी’:-


विटामिन बी की कमी बालो के झड़ने का सबसे बड़ा कारण है .बालो की चमक को बनाये रखने के लिए और सफ़ेद होने से रोकने के लिए विटामिन बी कॉम्पलेक्स अच्छा रहता है। विटामिन-बी12 और बायोटिन भी बालों की सेहत के लिए बेहद जरूरी हैं, लेकिन यह हमारे  शरीर मै खुद नहीं बनते है, इनके निर्माण के लिए हमें भोजन पर निर्भर रहना पड़ता है. विटामिन बी त्‍वचा में नमी बनाये रखने मै मदद करता है। अंडे और चिकन में विटामिन-बी भरपूर मात्रा में होता है।


3) विटामिन ‘बी 12′ :-


ज्यादातर लोगो में इसकी कमी पायी जाती है इस विटामिन का नाम है-विटामिन बी१२  विटामिन बी 12, को कोबालामिन भी कहते हैं, एक आवश्यक विटामिन है जो शरीर की प्रक्रियाओं में शामिल है जैसे सेलुलर मेटाबोलिज़्म, डीएनए प्रतिकृति और लाल रक्त कोशिका का निर्माण।इसलिए विटामिन बी 12 की कमी का संभावित लक्षण बालों के झड़ने से है। बालो के रंग में कमी भी विटामिन बी १२ की कमी के कारण होती है. सोया प्रोडक्‍ट सोया बीन, सोया दूध ,स्विस पनीर ,कॉटेज चीज़,आदि में  विटामिन B12 प्रचुर मात्रा में पाया जाता है।

4) विटामिन ‘सी’ :-


विटामिन ‘सी’ त्वचा में कोलेजन बनाने में मदद करता है। कोलेजन आपकी त्वचा को लचीला बनाये रखने मै आपकी मदद करता है समय से पहले त्वचा का लटक जाना विटामिन सी की कमी के कारण होता है. बालो के रूखेपन को दूर करने के लिए भी विटामिन सी बहुत उपयोगी है. शरीर में विटामिन ‘सी’ की कमी से बालों में रूखापन आ जाता है जिससे सिर की त्वचा पर सूखी पपड़ी जम जाती है, और बालों की जड़ें कमजोर होने लगती है तथा बाल गिरने लगते हैं। बादाम, टमाटर, प्याज और ओट्स खाने से बायोटिन का संतुलन बना रहता है।विटामिन ‘सी’ अमरूद, टमाटर, सिट्रस फ्रुट्स, पपिता, लाल और पीली मिर्च में भरपूर मात्रा में होता है।


5) विटामिन ‘डी’ :-


विटामिन डी बालो को घना और लम्बा बनाने मै सबसे मत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभाता है. ये बालो को गिरने से रोकता है और स्वस्थ बनाने मै मदद करता है. विटामिन डी आयरन और कैल्शियम को अवशोषित कर लेता है.आयरन की कमी बालो के गिरने का एक और बड़ा कारण है. विटामिन डी की कमी को पूरा करने के लिए आपको सिर्फ कुछ देर सुबह-सुबह की हल्की धूप मे घूमना है. विटामिन डी की कमी को पूरा करने के लिए अंडे, अंडे का पीला भाग, मछली आदि का सेवन भी कर सकते है.

6) विटामिन ‘ई’ :-


नमी त्वचा और बालो के लिए बहुत फायदेमंद होती है. पर क्या आप जानते है  शरीर मै  नमी को बनाये रखने के लिए विटामिन इ की जरुरत होती है विटामिन ‘ई’ एक एंटी-ऑक्सीडेंट है और एक घुलनशील विटामिन है. यह आपके शरीर की मूलभूल जरूरतों को पूरा करता है। विटामिन ‘ई’ से आप झुर्रियों से छुटकारा पा सकते हैं। विटामिन ‘ई’ रूखी, बेजान और खूरदूरी त्‍वचा को स्‍मूद बनाता है।विटामिन ‘ई’ से बाल तेजी से बढ़ते हैं। यह विटामिन शरीर के सेक्स हार्मोन एंड्रोजन को उत्प्रेरित करता है, जो बालों को सुंदर, घना, चमकदार बनाने में मदद करता है। विटामिन ‘ई’ सी फूड, शाक-सब्जियों, अं‍कुरित अनाज, बिनोले, एवोकैडो, मेवे व राजमा, फ्लेक्‍स सीड (अलसी), सोयाबीन और लो‍बिया में पाया जाता है।


7) विटामिन ‘के’ :-


यदि आप आँखों के आस पास के काले घेरे और त्वचा पर हुए काले धब्‍बे से परेशान है तो विटामिन ‘के’ का उपयोग आपके लिए लाभकारी है. विटामिन “के” त्वचा के घाव और चोट के निशान दूर करने में भी मदद करता हैं साथ ही विटामिन ‘के’ बालों को भी स्वस्थ रखता है। गाजर, पालक, हरी पत्तेदार सब्जियों में यह प्रचुर मात्रा में पाया जाता है।


अपने आहार में विटामिन को जोड़ने के कुछ हफ़्तों के अंदर, आप स्वस्थ, मजबूत और घने बालों को देखना शुरू कर देंगे।

यदि आप फिर भी गिरते बालो से परेशान है तो PRP Hair Loss Treatment आपके लिए फ़ायदेमंद साबित हो सकता है पीआरपी ट्रीटमेंट को प्लेटलेट्स रिच प्लाज्मा ट्रीटमेंट के तौर पर जाना जाता है। इसकी सबसे अच्छी बात है कि इसमें किसी प्रकार की कोई सर्जरी नहीं होती।इसके चलते साइड इफेक्ट का भी कोई खतरा नहीं होता।

: hair transplant in indore

Are you one of them who were proud of their long, shiny hair but nowadays, they feel depressed because of severe hair loss problems? If your answer is ‘yes’, you don’t need to feel worried or irritated because you have a lot of hair advanced hair restoration options for bringing your healthy hair back.

First of all, if you are facing severe hair loss problems, there must be a reason for the severity of the disease. Hair fall is a part of the natural growth cycle and if it is not disturbed, you don’t face any issues related to hair loss. The problems start when due to some causes, the growth cycle of hair is disturbed.

 prp hair loss treatment

Causes of Hair Loss

If you really wish to eliminate hair loss, you have to know about the root causes of the hair loss problem.

  • In men and women, nutritional deficiency is the main causes of hair loss since like every part of the body, your hair also needs certain nutrients like vitamins, protein, iron etc.
  • Sudden hair loss may occur due to accidents, surgeries, chronic diseases etc. Certain medications like chemotherapy for cancer may cause hair loss in men or women.
  • Some causes affect women only like iron deficiency due to menstruation cycle, menopause, stress, dieting, hairstyles or hair products etc.
  • Improper hair care and seasonal effects also make the hair weak and dull.

As you see, there are different reasons for hair loss. We cannot do about some of these reasons but you can avoid some causes like the nutritional deficiency or improper hair care etc. If you are fully aware of hair care and still, face hair loss problem due to some serious reasons, you have a modern hair restoration method called PRP Hair Loss Treatment .

What is PRP?

PRP is an amazing hair restoration procedure in which your own blood is drawn for extracting Platelet Rich Plasma from it using different techniques and this PRP is injected to your scalp to rejuvenate your hair roots. The growth factors of PRP promote the growth cycle of the hair and your hairs start to re-grow again. As the percentage of the re-growth of the hair increases, hair loss goes away naturally.

PRP is a great treatment for hair loss, but this option has limited effects if the hair loss starts to change in the severe process of baldness. Baldness is totally a different situation that needs a different approach. In baldness, hairs are not only weak but they are gone forever. Therefore, you have to think about other special and effective treatments for baldness.

What About Hair Transplant?

When we think about baldness, the first choice that comes to the mind is hair transplant. Hair transplant is a modern and advanced procedure for every stage of baldness. You may be at the start of baldness process or you may have completely bald, hair transplant experts are ready to provide you totally natural results.

Hair transplant procedure involves removing the healthy hairs from the donor sites of the head and transplanting them to the bald areas of the head. This simple, harmless, and risk-free procedure is enough to make you proud of your hair again.

Hair Transplant Surgery

Marmm Klinik has built up a team of extraordinary experts of Hair Transplant in Indore . These experts are capable of treating you according to the conditions of your scalp. You just need to go there and tell about your hair loss and baldness history and they are ready to provide you a complete assistance until you come back from the clinic with a satisfied face.

Finally, if you are facing hair loss or baldness problem, you just need to make your mind to come to the clinic. We are sure, that your decision is going to be fruitful for you.

Top 9 Hair Care Tips For Summer

Seasonal effect is a major cause of hair loss problems in men and women. Therefore, you must consider these hair tips for keeping your hair healthy in summers. If you are facing hair loss problems, you can go for PRP Hair Loss Treatment. which is one of the best treatments used by thousands of the patients. Try to keep your hair healthy and if you feel something is wrong with your hair, visit a clinic soon

prp hair loss treatment