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Welcome to Marmm Hair Transplant in Indore, Bhopal, Jabalur, Jaipur, Delhi

Our interesting story

About Marmm and It’s Foundation

Marmm – the word has a very intense and profound meaning- ‘the essence’. Changing your look is a very personal decision that involves finding a surgeon with whom you can be confident and comfortable. Marmm-The Klinik offers diversity of cosmetic, laser surgery and advanced dental care treatments and is dedicated to providing you with the latest technologies available today, while also caring about each and every patient.Our Branches are in Bhopal, Jaipur, Jabalpur, Delhi apart from hair transplant in Indore.

Crafted to excellence

Marmm- The Klinik, built over a 5000 square feet area in Indore, has another branch at Rajkot and a new branch is coming up at Mumbai. The entire team combines artistry with medicine and a deep commitment to patient’s satisfaction. They ensure a highly professional service in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Each cosmetic procedure is tailored to the individual needs of patients, which includes determining what is best for the patient based on skin type, health issues, personal wants and needs.

For the society

“We, at Marmm, believe that reciprocating to the society is as important as any other task we pursue. For the same, we conduct dental awareness camps, hair and skin camps etc. We also deal with trauma cases and other needed treatments for workers and labourers at nominal or zero cost. We have a charitable fund where many people contribute for the purpose of community service and use the same charity for helping out poor patients,”

Our Services


Hair Transplant In Indore

While some of us take hair fall in our stride, a lot of us are quite distressed with our receding hair line. There is no reason to be in despair any longer- you have a choice to go ahead with hair loss treatment. Hair transplant refers to a surgical process where the hair follicle from part of the scalp are transplanted to the bald areas to allow natural hair growth. Read more...

Dental Treatmen

Dental Care Treatment in Indore

A smiling face with pearl looking teeth is enough capture anyone’s heart. That is the reason why having a perfect set of teeth is important. The best dentist in Indore at Marmm clinic are committed to provide you the best dental care to ensure that you have a healthy and enchanting smile.Read more...

Weight Loss

Almost all the people living on this earth would like to look at their best always. They try and work hard to maintain a good physic. While some of them hit the gyms, some try to burn that excess fat accumulated in the body by following crash diets, but many of them fail to achieve that best look. It is not completely possible to achieve that perfect look by exercising or following crash diets alone. Read more...


facial-surgery in Indore

Cosmetic surgery is one of the ways through which one can do self- improvement. In today’s fast modern world, reating the first impression goes a long way in the growth of a person. That is the reason why people have become very conscious about their appearance.Read more...

Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery in Indore

Now a days it is quite common to go for surgical procedures to get the desired shape and size for one’s breast. Usually women opt for it. The right volume and shape of the breast is considered to be a sign of beauty and why all of us should not have the advantage of having the perfect ones when it is possible. Read more...


Liposuction in Indore is a cosmetic procedure which can be used for both minor and major touch ups for correcting ones figure. Vaser is the latest method of liposuction. Vaser stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. It is the ultrasound procedure of Liposuction. Read more...


skin treatment in Indore

Our skin is exposed to a number of forces that leave an impact on it. This includes sun, harsh weather, daily routine and lifestyle habits. Over a period of time the impact of all these components lead to a number of skin problem. Read more...


Laser Hair Removal

There are various methods to remove hair growth on the body parts. Usually these methods remove hair temporarily- like waxing, tweezing or shaving. These methods need to be repeated again and again. In case you are not happy with this arrangement then maybe it is time for you to try laser hair removal treatment. In this process laser rays are used for laser hair removal. Read more...


Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery process that can help in getting rid of excess fat on the tummy. Also known as abdominoplasty, tummy tuck can assist in providing a flat, lean and shapely figure. Read more...