Are you experiencing Hair loss? Considering hair Restoration? Need hair fall treatment OR Hair transplant?

hair transplant

Hair loss can be a serious problem for both men and women. This problem is more seen in men than in women. At Marmm, we are specialised in the male as well as female hair loss treatment and we tailor the treatment based on the specific needs of each patient. Every patient who pays a visit to Marmm for a hair loss treatment is attended by a qualified physician. Our doctors give the patient, needed independent advice which is based on their options and the decision to proceed with the treatment or not is based on the patient. The treatment can be surgical or non-surgical. Alternatively, the techniques are known as invasive or non-invasive.

The team at Marmm is led by some of the expert surgeons of hair transplants, nurses as well as technicians. We provide the best hair transplant in indore. The surgeons chosen have a vast experience in general surgery as well as head and neck surgery along with plastic surgery. The experience and friendly nature of the staff gives us an added advantage which also helps us in treating patients who suffer from pattern hair loss as well as hair loss which occurs due to scarring. Our nurses are registered and all the technicians are well trained.

What we do?

At our center for hair treatment in Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Jaipur, Rajkot, New Delhi, the core function is to provide our patients with advanced level non-surgical hair transplantation. For most of the patients who visit our clinic for hair fall treatment, advanced FDA treatments are prescribed along with a conjunction about the complete procedure. All our staffs are well placed to provide the best services which help in providing 100 % patient satisfaction. The hair transplants performed at our clinics last for a life time. There are very rare cases of hair loss, but the same can happen as the patient ages.

Why Choose Us?

Marmm can be distinguished with two important factors; experience and the results which are seen by most of our patients. We have also pioneered various advancements in the field to cure hair fall and also in the field of hair transplantation. Our patients also get to review the pictures as well as the experiences of our earlier patients and know about their experiences with the hair transplantation. Our physicians as well as nurses understand the pain or discomfort which the patient can have during, or after the procedure is completed and provide the needed counselling as well as medication for the same. Our physicians can help the patients determine if they make a suitable candidate for a hair transplant and the information regarding the cost is also provided based on the individual case.

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