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Liposuction and tummy tuck indore

Weight loss is a phenomenon that majority of the population of the world indulge in. some do it because they really need it while others do it to enhance their appearance. Whatever be your end objective, achieving a healthy weight with the help of weight loss treatment is always recommended. While you may have weight loss with recommended diet, exercise and restraint on some of the habits,getting into the right shape is a different matter.


Sometimes, even after losing weight there are some body parts which do not get into shape. This may include hips, things, waist and back. How to reduce weight in these parts is a big question. That is when the support of other techniques like liposuction and tummy tuck is required. All of these fall under a common umbrella of bariatric surgery.



Liposuction in Indore is a cosmetic procedure which can be used for both minor and major touch ups for correcting ones figure. Vaser is the latest method of liposuction. Vaser stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. It is the ultrasound procedure of Liposuction. This is an amazing fat removal procedure, which allows removal of fat tissues from particular areas of our body. The best thing about the procedure of Vaser liposuction is that the patient can be fully awake while the treatment is going on. It is comparatively a painless procedure which gives instant result for fat removal. The Marmm Liposuction in Indore and other centres are well equipped to do the procedure efficiently.


Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery process that can help in getting rid of excess fat on the tummy. Also known as abdominoplasty, tummy tuck can assist in providing a flat, lean and shapely figure. A lot of times due to excess weight loss or post pregnancy, a lot of extra skin is left hanging loose which has also lost its elasticity since it has been stretched for a long time. Liposuction may also not be able to get rid of this extra skin. That is when tummy tuck is required to get into the right shape.

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Liposuction is a technique in which fat is sucked out of the desired body parts. This way you can target specific areas where you would like to lose fat and work on only that area. Some of the popular areas for liposuction in Indore are given below:



Both men and women can be go for abdomen liposuction. Some of the factors to be considered before opting for surgery are amount of fat, pregnancy, areas of fat and age of the person. Liposuction cost will be determined on the basis of the above factors.



Usually women go for arms liposuction since they do not like muscular, bulky arms. The results of this procedure are usually quite gratifying at any of our clinics at Bhopal, Indore and Jaipur

Anterior Thighs


This is another popular area for liposuction. Caution should be practiced here since removal of more than 60% of fat from Anterior thighs is not recommended.

Female Back


Female back liposuction gives excellent results. The fat here could be accumulated in flanks above waist & below arms, upper back near armpits, above hips, lower back or upper back right below the neck.

Breasts Female


Larger breast may also lead to some of the medical problems like yeast infection, spondylitis and pain. Hence liposuction for breast may not be done only for appearance, it may also help in taking care of some of the health issues.

Breast Male


Goal for Breast male liposuction is simple- remove as much as fat as possible without causing damage to any of the other body parts. Breast development in male can cause embarrassment and social teasing.




Usually accumulation of fat in buttocks is genetically driven and hence it is difficult to lose through usual processes. Hence buttock liposuction is desired, sometimes in conjunction with thigh and knee liposuction.

Face Neck


Liposuction for face & neck is recommended vis a vis a facelift since there are fewer complications involved, faster recovery time and less scars.

Flanks Male


Usually males have higher deposits of fat right above the hips- known as flanks or love handles. Liposuction on these areas is quite effective.

Inner Thighs


Liposuction of inner thighs drastically improves the silhouette of the thighs and is quite popular surgery especially among women.

Legs Ankles


Legs and ankles do not have any deep fat reserves. Hence rigorous liposuction of these areas is not recommended. Nerves may get damaged in case too much of liposuction is attempted.

Outer Thighs


Usually women opt for outer thigh liposuction. This gives a very slender look to the legs and increases confidence in women.