Our Results

Marmm Clinics have had an excellent history of performing weight loss treatments with the least discomfort to the patients. Though there are a number of risks and complications involved in bariatric surgeries, with God’s grace we have not had to deal with a single emergency or had to deal with an unsatisfied patient. This is largely due to our specialized team of doctors and highest level of hygiene standards observed at all the Marmm clinics.


Client Testimonial


I thank the team at Marmm to give me the best shape through liposuction and tummy tuck. I got the process done on my upper back and waist and really love the final results of the process.
I was always fascinated by liposuction process but did not want to try it since I am in general wary of doctors and medical procedures. One of my friends got it done and Marmm and pushed me to go for it. I am glad I listened to her since I found the team at Marmm unlike any other doctor’s team. The whole team was very sensitive, I did not have any pain during the procedure and minimum discomfort postthat. I now have a dream body that I could not even imagine I could have.
I went for the liposuction around my waist area an year back. I was so impressed with the results of the first liposuction at Marmm that I am going back for a second one on my upper arms just after 1 year. I am confident that I will be in safe hands at Marmm.
I am a mother of 2 children and ever since the child births, I have hated my waist and breasts. However I was scared of getting liposuction done due to fear of going for unnecessary surgeries. I happened to meet the liposuction surgeon at Marmm one of the days. He explained the process of liposuction and tummy tuck to me and I felt that it was after all not such a bad thing. I eventually went for the surgery as well as the tummy tuck. My confidence is back and I feel so good about my new shape now.
I live a healthy life- exercise everyday and eat right. My weight is also just right. However, my hips have always been 2 sizes bigger than the rest of my body. No matter what I di, I could not get rid of fat there. That’s when I decided to go for liposuction. I had minimal pain and was back to absolutely normal daily life within 4 weeks. I thank team at Marmm to do this for me.
I visited Marmm clinic only to enquire about the liposuction out of curiosity- I did not want to actually go for it. However, I was really impressed with the specialist and his team. After a few consultations, I actually went in for abdomen liposuction. I am not really fat but had some fat around my waist. I am so glad that I made this decision. I absolutely love my new shape and will recommend Marmm clinic to everyone who is considering weight loss treatment.


Disclaimer: Plastic and cosmetic surgery is depends on person to person and their skin type, medical & health condition