Nipple correction surgery corrects the problems associated with enlarged, asymmetrical, protruding or inverted nipples.

Inverted nipples are sometimes seen in younger women, and occur due to a growth problem as the breast develop, and the nipples are held back by internal connections. This can be embarrassing and cause concerns with the appearance of the breasts, and if severe may cause problems with breast feeding. Nipple inversion can usually be corrected with a fairly simple surgical procedure, with minimal scars.

Causes Of Inverted Nipples
The cause of inverted nipples is an imbalance between the inwards traction of the milk ducts and the traction of the muscle within the nipple which pulls the nipple outwards, It is this muscle which contracts when you are cold producing great prominence of the nipple, If the inward tethering force of the tight, shortened milk ducts is greater than the force exerted by the muscle within the nipple, inverted nipples will result.

Enlarged nipples are usually a result of breast feeding, and can also cause embarassment and be unattractive. Nipple reduction surgery is usually a simple procedure, to return the nipples to a more proportionate size and appearance to complement your breasts, with minimal risk or scars.

Cause Of Enlarge Nipple
This is a typical sign of pregnancy, though it may also be a symptom of other things. Regardless of the cause, the sypmtoms suggest a hormonal change or physical damage due to suckling. Many women experience this as a result of nursing, though the breasts are typically involved as well.