1- I have heard Botox is not safe. Is it correct?

Botox is a simple process and quite safe when taken under specialist supervision. Best dermatologist in Jaipur, Indore at Marmm clinic are trained to administer it.

2- My stretch marks are about 10 years old. Can I still take the treatment?

While the effect of skin treatment is faster on younger stretch marks, there is no harm in trying it now. At least the marks will fade away, if not completely go away.

3. – Is laser hair removal permanent?

Yes, in majority of the cases it is permanent hair removal.

4. – I have scars on my face. How many sessions will I need to get rid of them?

Usually 3-4 sittings are required to remove the scars. It also depends on how deep the scars are.

5. – How many days prior to my wedding should I sign up for a package?

Earlier the better! We have 60 days as well as 30 days package.

6. – How does laser treatment work?

During Laser hair removal treatment light rays at a certain wavelength are emitted that is absorbed by the pigments in the follicle. Since it directly gets absorbed by pigments the skin surrounding it is not damaged. The light converts into heat energy that burns the hair follicle. This way the follicle stops further hair growth.

7. – What are the body areas that can be treated by laser hair removal?

Laser light can remove hair from all the body parts except some very small areas in the eye socket

8.- What should be avoided during the botox treatment?

Botox treatment may cause general loss of muscle strength and/ or vision impairment for a few hours post the treatment or for a few days. Hence you should avoid driving and heavy labor work for 7 to 10 days after getting botox treatment.

9.- How do dermal fillers work?

Dermal fillers are injected in the skin. They give a plumper effect to the skin to make it appear smooth, wrinkle free and much younger.

10. – Are dermal fillers safe? Who can take them?

Dermal fillers can be made of different substances. Today’s latest techniques and materials make dermal fillers quite safe, provided they are administered under expert guidance. Any adult who wishes to take this treatment and is in a position to make this decision after analyzing the risks involved.

11. – How do I decide which kind of treatment is best to get a younger skin?

A skin can have multiple problems including uneven tone, zits, wrinkles, smile lines, loose skin and others. You must go to the best skin specialist to get the right diagnosis. A good doctor will be able to analyse you skin problems and then suggest a method or combination of methods to take care of it.

12. – Do acne treatments leave a scar?

Scar treatments for acne scars can be of various types. Majority of the treatments prevalent today do not leave a scar- be it laser treatment or skin peeling. When performed under the guidance of best dermatologist, you need not worry about the process at all.

13.- What are the risks involved in a skin surgery process?

Skin surgery refers to the cosmetic surgery that is performed to provide a younger looking skin to the patients. There are a few risks in getting this done like change in the face shape, surgery scars that do not go away and discoloration of your skin. You can discuss this with your surgeon in relation to the process he is going to follow and the doctor will be able to guide you about them. Under the safe hands of a good doctor you need not worry about these problems.

14. – Can I use laser hair removal to sharper my eyebrows?

Yes, laser hair removal treatment can be used to shape the eyebrow permanently. The extra hair growth can be permanently curtailed to save you from the pain and trouble of plucking your hair frequently.