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Do you envy people with smooth, blemish free skin and wonder how do they manage to have one? Maybe they were the last visitors to get skin treatment at Marmm clinic! A host of skin treatments offered by the best skin doctor at Indore at Marmm can give you beautiful looking skin without causing too much of pain.

Try out the following services to avail the benefits of latest innovation in skin treatment at Marmm clinic:

1. Laser Hair Removal-

Say goodbye to monthly waxing and shaving sessions. You can permanently get rid of skin hair through laser treatment.

2. Skin Pigmentation-

Pigmentation refers to discoloration of skin. Marmm provides skin pigmentation solution with cutting edge technology. This will give you lighter, even toned skin.

3. Acne Scar Treatment-

Acne during the youth (and sometimes at adult stage) causes a lot of pain and heartache, and even leaves some permanent scars on the skin. Multiple treatments are available by the best skin specialist doctor in Indore at Marmm to help you choose the best one for you.

4. Botox-

This is a chemical solution that is injected on the face to relax the facial muscles. This in turn prevents the expression lines to form, that gives a smoother surface. The treatment, when taken under the best skin doctor in Indore at Marmm clinic is quite safe and painless.

5. Pregnancy Stretch Mark Treatment-

90% of women get stretch marks post pregnancy on their abdomen which are not a pretty site- specially when we wear our traditional outfit- Saree or Ghagra Choli. Specialised treatments to reduce the stretch marks are available to take care of this.

6. Scar Treatment-

Scars on the skin can be there on any body part due to various reasons- allergy, burns, tan and others. Specialised treatments to take care of each of them are available at the clinic.

7. Wrinkle Treatment-

Wrinkles are the first signs of ageing. As we grow old the face is full of wrinkles. Anti ageing services are available to reduce and get rid of wrinkles and give you a beautiful, youthful skin.

8. Skin Polishing -

Refers to the exfoliation of skin to get rid of the dead tissues and provide a smooth, lustrous skin.

9. Bridal & Pre-Bridal Services-

Marriage is one of the most important days of our life and we would like to look our best that day. Pre-Bridal and Bridal packages are available for various durations. We have specific packages for Acne prone and allergy prone skin types as well.

1- I have heard Botox is not safe. Is it correct?

Botox is a simple process and quite safe when taken under specialist supervision. Best dermatologist in Jaipur, Indore at Marmm clinic are trained to administer it.

2- My stretch marks are about 10 years old. Can I still take the treatment?

While the effect of skin treatment is faster on younger stretch marks, there is no harm in trying it now. At least the marks will fade away, if not completely go away.

3. – Is laser hair removal permanent?

Yes, in majority of the cases it is permanent hair removal.

4. – I have scars on my face. How many sessions will I need to get rid of them?

Usually 3-4 sittings are required to remove the scars. It also depends on how deep the scars are.

5. – How many days prior to my wedding should I sign up for a package?

Earlier the better! We have 60 days as well as 30 days package.