Platelets form an important constituent of blood just like red and white blood cells. They are mainly involved in clotting of blood after any injury. Apart from that they also contain many growth factors(PDGF,TGF,FGF-2,IGF etc.) which play an important role in healing and recovery of the tissues.
PRP has many applications in sports medicine where it is used for recovery of bone, muscle, ligament injuries and presently its use is being tried in many other specialities like neurosurgery, ophthalmology, cardiac surgery, cosmetic surgeries like hair restoration etc.
PRP is autologous and hence immunologically neutral .It is free from allergic and foreign body reactions.

Patient’s blood is withdrawn just as for any other blood investigation. It is then procesed for a fixed period so that cells settle down in layers and plasma is separated. Platelet rich plasma contains 4-8 times platelets per cubic cm than normal plasma. It is processed further and applied to the scalp with the help of injections or causing slight injury to the scalp.
The rationale for using PRP is to increase the number of platelets and growth factors at the site of tissue injury where it enhances tissue recovery, health. Therapy may stimulate the dormant follicular stem cells to produce new hair, increase the diameter of existing hair, prevent or halt ongoing hair loss and increase the blood circulation to that site.
Treatment is given as multiple sessions with interval of about 4 weeks in between two sittings.minimum three sessions required for great results. Patient may be simultaneously prescribed other medications for enhanced effect.