Lip reduction is as much an art as a science.  Dr. Lam has created an original technique for lip reduction and refined his technique over the years to help individuals with an oversized ethnic lip, a surgically overinflated lip, or simply an unbalanced lip that would merit improvement.  With an artistic eye, Dr. Lam practices lip reduction by viewing the shape of each lip, how one lip is balanced to the other lip and how the lip matches that person’s face – all three criteria are important when deciding how much to reduce and how to reduce the lip.

Surgical Therapy
The treatment of macrocheilia is varied but individualized to the etiology and patient’s needs. Some general principles include the following:8

  1. Correct underlying dento-osseous deformities.
  2. Establish a balance between upper and lower lip tailored to the individual patient.
  3. Do not reduce lips if excessive interlabial distance exists.
  4. Obtain optimal frontal rather than profile aesthetics.