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“Say Goodbye To Waxing & Shaving
Get Permanent Laser Hair Removal with soft and smooth skin”
Choose Marmm, Choose Laser- As There Is No Better Way To SMOOTHITUDE Than This !

People have got much more advanced and much more modish. Due to this changing and contemporary fate and lifestyle their personality has also modified. And so people now don’t go for periodical waxing,shaving ,twee-zing to get rid of the unwanted fuzz,they opt the techno freak “ HAIR REDUCTION THERAPY -Laser Treatment !!

Laser Treatment has purged out the Older methods like waxing, epiliating or usage of any hair removal creams because these methods just trim off the extra portion of hair which will soon grow and have its normal length, Needless to say that these methods are proved to be TEMPORARY. Even these approaches lead to discoloration of skin and scars or marks more clearly visible.

Marmm has technologically approved and economically feasible technique of hair removal – LASER TECHNIQUE. This technique along with International acceptance has shown its effects on Indian Skin, hence Marmm- Premium Hair Removal destination for both males and females having experience of more than 7 years has always focused on crick free laser systems inhering more than 5000 happy hair free customers.

Laser hair Removal makes the use of short pulses of laser light and exposes this light frequency over the targeted hair follicles without affecting the surrounding skin. The light absorbed by the skin destroys the hair from root and the pigment causing hair,hence laser beams have been effective in eradicating hair permanently.
This method is beneficial and can be applied to regions like:


  • A) Under Arms
  • B) Legs
  • C) Facial Hair
  • D) Arms
  • E) Body Hair
  • F) Bikini Line

Marmm having 7+ Yrs experience in Laser & Permanent Hair Reduction in India considering the utmost hygienic proportion and confined laser systems. Marmm’s defined vision is to “ Satisfied Customer is our culture ”. Hence our prime focus is to match the expectations a customer seeks from us and provide them the desired hair free results.

The customized Dermatologist and the best expertise to choose from makes Marmm different from other Hair Removal centers. The highly trained aesthetic therapists and cosmetic practitioners in our clinic choose the optimal laser system depending on an individual’s skin and hair kind.

Marmm package of laser hair Removal includes no downtime period hardly 40 minutes to finish off. Marmm offers the most competitive price keeping in mind the affordability of individuals without compromising with the standards of service and treatment.

1- Is laser hair removal a permanent treatment ?
Yes ,laser hair removal provides the permanent hair free skin and body.

2- What areas can be treated by this hair removal method ?
The areas including chin,back,buttock,thighs,face,arms,legs are all treated with the laser system.

3. – Is there any eligibility criteria for opting this method ?
No there is no eligibility criteria , both males and females can go for this method.

4. – Is laser treatment painful ?
Laser hair removal is not much painful at least not more than waxing but yes the sensation is different.

5. – Is there any downtime for laser hair removal ?
No there is no downtime period for this treatment. Patient can go on work on the same day itself.

Laser hair removal  cost in indore
” I still remember in school i always been stared by people due to my hairy hands and face, then after i consulted at Marmm whether i am a suitable candidate for it or not and then i was being treated by laser hair removal. Finally i have flaunting skin and i am loving it.”

- Sonakhi Goyal
Laser hair removal cost in Bhopal
“I am a handsome hairy person along with the oily skin. I opted the permanent hair removal treatment along with after treatment touch ups . And i was seriously surprised to see the results. It feels amazing now .. Happier i am !!”

- Vijay Jain

Laser hair removal  cost jabalpur

“I was actually frustrated of monthly waxing and so after 3 sessions of laser hair removal from Marmm helped me in getting rid of the excess fuzzy arms. Thanx Marmm !!”

- Kalpna Sharma


Disclaimer: Plastic and cosmetic surgery is depends on person to person and their skin type, medical & health condition

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