Poor concentration, foggy thinking and forgetfulness are often erroneously attributed to simply getting older.  It is true these things are more common as people age but many times they are due to specific reasons. Poor nutrition, fatigue, lack of sleep, lack of supplementation with proper vitamins and nutrients  and  hormonal imbalance are all treatable causes of concentration difficulties.

Being able to concentrate means that children are able to keep their minds focussed on a task for a reasonable period of time. The task can be reading the paper, watching television or listening to someone talking. The period of time does not have to be too long. Almost everyone stops concentrating after a while — no matter what they are doing. We all need to take a break to help re-focus our concentration. Therefore, normally the causes for lack of concentration among children include common grounds such as fatigue, sleepover parties and late-nights, improper diet and unhealthy eating habits, inability of teachers and parents to create interest in the subjects, etc. However, heredity is considered to be the most important cause of ADHD. Besides heredity, several other factors too contribute towards children becoming hyperactive.

Reason for loss of Concentration

  1. Hormone levels and low vitamin Reasons The loss of Concentration
  2. Hormones have been damaged
  3. Use of certain drugs
  4. Quit smoking
  5. Poor diet
  6. Too much busy
  7. Have excessive anxiety
  8. There are many things you need to do every day
  9. ADHD