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The specialists at Marmm Clinic perform 50 to 60 hair transplant surgeries on a monthly basis. Hair specialists are trained to take care of the end to end process and provide minimal discomfort to the patients. We have experience of conducting successful hair transplant surgeries for the patient who have otherwise been refused by other surgeons as not viable cases for a successful hair transplant. We are proud of our mastery of the techniques of hair transplant which is also expressed in the testimonials provided by our valued patients.

Client Testimonial

I have been wanting to get a hair transplant for myself for a long time. I researched the topic on internet but it left me all confused. I didn’t know hich method will work the best for me. That is when I chanced upon Marmm clinic. I decided to visit them and discuss my issues with the hair specialist there. The doctor answered all my queries thoroughly and explained the entire process to me in a simple language. Post that I decided to get the surgery done. I am very satisfied with the results and will recommend to everyone to ...
Plasma therapy is a very recent innovation in hair therapies and I was a little skeptical to use it. However, the specialist at Marmm explained the process to me thoroughly and convinced me to try it for my fast falling hair. I am happy to have undergone this process and have healthy, thick hair now.
I stay in US and had visited a clinic there to enquire about hair transplant. While visiting Indore for a personal trip, I went to check out the services at Marmm Clinic. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the techniques that I witnessed in US were the same ones that were being practiced here! I have now decided to get the surgery done at Marmm clinic in Indore itself.
I have been trying to get a hair transplant done for a long time but couple of specialists I visited informed me that it won’t be successful since I needed more than 1000 grafts. Then a friend suggested that I visit Marmm clinic. I am glad I made that choice. The team has already done 2500 grafts successfully and has told me that I can do more grafts as well if required.
I had started losing hair at very young age and by the time I visited hair specialist at Marmm I was almost bald from front. I was not sure if hair transplant could be done for me. But the team at Marmm examined my case closely and then suggested the right procedure to follow. I really liked it because they went extra mile to build my confidence and never gave me any false information.
Hair transplant at Marmm clinic was a breeze. During the process I did not feel any pain and after surgery as well very little pain was there. Post 7 days of surgery I was absolutely fine and little hair growth had started. I am very much satisfied with the hair transplant services at Marmm.


Disclaimer: Plastic and cosmetic surgery is depends on person to person and their skin type, medical & health condition