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Dimples on the face or cheeks amplify the overall beauty of the face and the need for dimples can be observed regardless of the gender unilaterally or bilaterally. Dimples are found to be as a dominant trait inherited one generally. The demand for opting dimple creation method has increased over the globe as the urge to look better and much better has elevated.

So,If you are not born with dimples genetically, now you can easily grab them with a surgical procedure called “Dimple Creation” . Dimpleplasty is a minimally invasive aesthetic procedure for all those people who always wanted to have dimples on their face so as to look more cuter and attractive.

Dimple creation simply uses a mechanism of creating the dimples on cheeks of both males and females. As dimple is found to be a sign of good fortune and prosperity in many cultures, hence people for the such reasons also opt the procedure. It is a way found by people to make themselves look far more alluring. Getting dimples can make you look totally different and make your presence unique.

Dimple creation process is a simple,straightforward and affordable technique which includes local anesthesia while operating and a small incision on the cheek .As this surgery involves only a small slit due to which there is no such scar visible on the face. Actually the scar made itself is turned into a dimple.

Dimpleplasty is an outpatient procedure but unlike any other surgeries it possesses few risks like of scarring which go off in future time period. This procedures requires around 20- 30 minutes to accomplish. And the person can resume jis work on the same day.
Keeping mouth clean and intake of oral antibiotics in prescribed as post operative care.

Marmm Klinik can help you in getting dimples surgery done for your face. You can choose the place you want to carry dimples or the Superlative cosmetic Surgeons of Marmm can help you in deciding the optimal place to go for the same. Marmm has performed this surgery on many people to help them in having a “Radiant Smile’.

1- Why anyone goes for “DIMPLE CREATION” surgery?
Few individuals believe dimple to be a sign of good fortune and those people opt for this surgery who always wanted to have one.

2- Does dimple creation surgery produces exact results ?
As creating a dimple is a result of advanced techniques. Though no one can match the accuracy but it is guaranteed that satisfied results are produced.

3. – Which type of anaesthia is required?
Dimple creation process can be done under local anaesthesia itself.

4. – What complication does this process carry ?
Asymmetry, swelling, scars may act as a hurdle in the process.

5. -When can a patient go back to his/her routine?
As the surgery is performed using local anaesthesia and so the person can resume his work on the same day itself.

6.- What care should be taken after the surgery?
You need to Keep mouth clean and take oral antibiotics as prescribed by your surgeon.

7. – How long does the procedure takes to create dimple ?
Dimple creation procedure requires 30 to 40 minutes of surgical time approximately.

Don’t Worry as – The Price to pay for looking “CUTE & CHARMING” is not much. Its only 15K to 20 K for Dimple Creation . Marmm also offers irresistible proposals in form of the packages in Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Delhi!!

Marmm is the Top Rated and Times of India Awarded cosmetic surgery clinic!


Dimple Creation cost in indore

“Dr. Amit Porwal is a pioneer in the dimple creation surgery. He has made my dimples look as natural as i wanted . Thanks Mr. Porwal for your individualized attention. Its nearly been a month and my dimple are so nicely visible.”

- Sahil Jain
Dimple Creation cost in Bhopal
“After many careful researches and thoughts i finally decided to go Marmm Klinik and underwent the dimple creation surgery. I realized that my decision was accurate . And i am with cute smile now.”

- Surabhi Saxena

Dimple Creation cost jabalpur

“I have always loved the adorable dimpled cheeks and wished i had them. And my wish got fulfilled with the concern and support of Marmm Klinik especially Dr. Amit Porwal. Marmm is truly leading authority in the dimple creation surgery.”

- Kavita Chauhan


Disclaimer: Plastic and cosmetic surgery is depends on person to person and their skin type, medical & health condition

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