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A smiling face with pearl looking teeth is enough capture anyone’s heart. That is the reason why having a perfect set of teeth is important. The best dentist in Indore at Marmm clinic are committed to provide you the best dental care to ensure that you have a healthy and enchanting smile. The clinic offers all kind of cosmetic and advanced dentistry solutions to give the desired results to you with minimum discomfort. We have invested in state of the art technology and training of our dental specialists which makes us the best dental clinics in Indore. The range of our services- from teeth whitening, polishing, jewellery addition to dentures, implants and teeth alignment, is designed keeping in mind your requirements and to make you look more beautiful.

Dentistry refers to a branch of medicine which specializes in prevention and treatment of our teeth and other oral tissues and muscles. Marmm clinic provides dental services both for treating the tooth decay & relieving the pain due to any trauma, as well as correction of minor defects in tooth formation.

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Cosmetic Dentistry


Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving your smile, face and teeth and gives you a better appearance. Some of the processes that can help you in achieving this are:

Teeth Whitening


In case your teeth are discolored or appear yellow, then you can go for teeth whitening. A number of teeth whitening products are available which are quite safe to use for this process and restore the natural color of the teeth by removing the stains and debris.



Teeth bleaching is done to give sparkling white teeth. A dental specialist may use ingredients which have hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to give white color to your teeth.



Wafer thin veneers are placed on top of teeth to laminate the teeth. This gives them a smooth surface, shine and removes any discoloration.



In this process a tooth colored material is applied to the decayed or chipped tooth and then sealed with special light. This can also be used to fill gap between teeth, give a different shape to a tooth or to enhance the smile.

Tooth jewelry


Small crystals or other decorative items can be placed on the tooth surface to give a sparkling smile. These materials are only attached to the surface and the procedure is not permanent in nature.

Smile makeover


Dental services to treat small anomalies like gums exposed. Little crowding of teeth, gaps between teeth, chipped or non-uniform teeth etc. can give a person a bewitching smile.


Advance Dentistry


Some of the processes in advanced dentistry can be used to either treat tooth problems or provide a better appearance to your teeth and overall appearance. Some of these are:

Dental Implants


Implants are placed in place of tooth to fill the gap that a decayed or broken tooth may have left. Dental Implants are the best way to restore the right shape of teeth as well as provide sound foundation to the tooth.



Sometimes the teeth may be so decayed- either due to usage over a period of time, accident or lack of proper care, that it is better to remove all of them. That is when a full denture replacement may be recommended.

Root Canal Treatment


In a Root Canal Treatment the nerve endings of an infected tooth are removed or made inactive so that infection cannot spread further. Generally a root canal treatment is followed by a crown fitting to restore the teeth shape.

Laser Depigmentation


Dark pigmentation on gums may look quite unpleasant when they are exposed. Laser dentistry techniques can be utilized to get rid of this pigmentation and give a beautiful smile to the person.

Gum Care


Early detection of gum diseases and taking preventive steps to take care of gums is vital part of a dental treatment. Perfect set of teeth also can look quite unsightly in case the gums are not healthy and taken care of.

Teeth Alignment


Teeth alignment using orthodontics treatment like braces are quite common but require high degree of expertise to give the required results. Sometimes the process may also require dental surgery.