1- Is a laser rays treatment for teeth safe?

Laser dentistry is the latest technique available for the dental treatment. It is used for multiple dental procedures like depigmentation, gum care, composite filling and others. When performed by the specialist dentist in Indore at Marmm clinic, then this process is quite safe and does not have any risks.

2- How frequently should we visit a dentist?

A visit to dentist is recommended every 3 months. Dental care should always be preventive to ensure that there is no pain and discomfort./p>

3. – I have protruding teeth and would like to go for braces. How should I go about choosing the right one?

Dental treatment for aligning the shape of the teeth is usually done through braces. You should look at the availability of dental specialists and dental surgery at the clinic before making the choice for your partner. Marmm, the best dental clinic at Indore can provide you these services without having to think twice.

4. – Is there a time gap within which an implant should be placed after losing a tooth?

Usually 3-4 sittings are required to remove the scars. It also depends on how deep the scars are.

5. – How many sittings does teeth whitening take?

Teeth whitening is not a complicated process. Usually the process is completed in 1 sitting itself. In few odd cases the patient may need to come back.

6. – Is dental jewelry harmful for our teeth?

Dental jewelry is fun to have and makes our smile appear more interesting. The crystals and other substances are only put on the outer layer of our teeth, they are not embedded inside the teeth. Hence they are not harmful at all. They can be removed whenever one wishes.

7. – How can we differentiate between a good dental services provider and a bad one?

A highly qualified and specialized team is the first criteria. The team of doctors should have throughout knowledge of the the latest techniques and procedures. Hygiene factors, approach-ability of the team and reputation of the clinic are other parameters.

8.- Should we opt for teeth laminates or teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening restores the natural color of teeth by removing stains and debris. In case you are not happy with your natural color of the teeth then you can go for teeth lamination.

9.- Is cosmetic dental work expensive?

The cost of a dental treatment would vary on the basis of the processes that are required. Some processes like teeth whitening and bonding may cost on the lower end, implants, teeth alignment and others can be a bit expensive. However, under an expert hand, the results are worth every penny spent!

10- Are there any side effects for laser treatment?

Laser treatments have been authorized for use by Medical Association after thorough research. They do not have adverse effects when administered with due care.

11- How many visits do I need to make to a dental clinic for teeth whitening?

Usually it does not take more than one visit. It may depend on the diagnosis by your dentist.

12. – I have crowding of teeth on one side of my jaw. It was not treated during childhood- can it be fixed now?

Yes, it can be treated at any age with Teeth Alignment procedures.

13. – I want to go for dental jewelry for one party. Can I get it done temporarily? Will it harm my teeth?

Dental Jewelry is no longer drilled into the teeth- it is only applied on the surface. It will not harm your teeth and can be removed when you want.

14. – What is a tooth implant? Is it different from a conventional filling?

Tooth implant refers to placing a tooth in place of a missing tooth. It is different from filling which essentially fills gap in the existing teeth.

15.- I want to get a better smile. Will it be permanent?

Improving the smile may include orthodontic treatment to reshape your teeth and teeth whitening. It will be permanent in nature.