1- Will the scars be visible on my skin after face lift?

Slight marks may be visible after surgery but they will fade away in no time. Slight swelling and bruising may be there post surgery which will goa away in a few days.

2- At what age can I get a nose surgery done?

Nose surgery can be done after reaching puberty or when you stop growing. This is usually at 14 years for a girl and 15 years for a boy.

3. – Does it hurt to get a face surgery done?

Care is taken to give minimal pain to the patient. Whatever pain is there post surgery goes away after couple of days.

4. – What are the benefits of a face surgery?

You will have a firmer, smoother, younger looking skin.

5. – How much time does it take for Dimple surgery to complete?

The surgery does not take more than 30 minutes. Total time spent in clinic should be under two hours.

6.- Can I choose where I want a dimple?

Yes, you can choose where to have a dimple.

7. – What is plastic surgery? What kind of plastic materials are used?

Plastic surgery refers to a process where surgery is performed on a body part to reshape it and get it into a desired shape. It is named after Greek word ‘Plastikos’ which means ‘to shape’ in Greek. Plastic is not the material that is used while doing plastic surgery. A lot of times patient’s own tissues, from the same body part or other body parts, is used to perform surgery. In recent times hardened silicone has been the material of choice for surgeons.

8.- How much time does it take to recover from cosmetic surgery?

The recovery time from a cosmetic surgery is dependent on the body part on which the surgery is done and the amount of reshaping that is required. In a broader sense we may say that 3 to 4 weeks may be required to completely recover.

9.- Is dimple surgery permanent? Can I specify where I want my dimple to be?

Dimple surgery is not permanent in nature. In a lot of cases it may be possible to remove a dimple that has been created by surgery. Yes, you can decide where you want your dimple to appear. Usually a surgeon will be able to entertain this request, unless he finds some technical difficulty in implementing it.

10- Is there any visible scarring post facial surgery?

Every surgery leaves behind a scar. However cosmetic surgeons are trained to keep these scars extremely small and have them at a place where they are usually not noticeable. Over a period of time it will be very difficult to make out a scar unless very carefully examined.

11- What are risks involved with a nose surgery or rhinoplasty surgery?

Some risks like infection, bleeding, etc. are involved with all the surgeries. These are potential risks for a nose surgery as well. However, under an expert, trained medical practitioner these risks are quite minimized.

12. – Is chemical peeling safe to get rid of acne scars?

Some of the acne scars can be really stubborn and don’t fade away with time. Chemical peeling has been used quite effectively to remove them successfully. Some of the risks involved are redness in the skin, swelling, color change or in some cases scarring as well. It is important to visit an expert in this field to provide guidance in the best possible chemical that needs to be used as per your skin type.

13. -Is it safe to go for lip augmentation or enhancement?

Techniques like botox are used to augment lips. It is quite a safe method to use in case you would like to go for lip augmentation. Under an expert technician this is quite a safe practice.

14. -How soon the results of double chin removal are visible?

The results of double chin removal start getting visible right after the first session itself. 90% of the result will be visible between 3 to 4 weeks and sometimes the effect may continue to show up till 1 year of the surgery as well.

15.- How do dermal fillers work?

In the dermal filler technique a chemical component is injected to fill the wrinkles or smile lines that are present on the face. It generally works well for the lower part of the face.

16.- Can cosmetic surgery make me look like a celebrity of my choice?

Cosmetic surgery can re-define your looks quite drastically and sometimes the results are miraculous. However, still cosmetic surgery focuses on improving your appearance rather than making you look like someone else completely. Taking on the persona of a celebrity or some other person is still the work of fiction seen in Hollywood or Bollywood movies.

17.- What part of body can we perform cosmetic surgery on?

Cosmetic surgery is usually performed on a number of body parts including face, nose, ears, forehead, eyebrows, lips, chin, neck, arms, abdomen, thighs, back and others.