1- When I can see the result?

Basically these are transplanted roots of hairs so it will takes 6-7 months to get complete result.

2- Is it painful?

This procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. The first injection is very little painful then after you can enjoy the procedure while watching the T.V.

3. – Is there any side effect of the procedure?

This is a safe procedure and generally there are no side effect but sometimes swelling may occur 48-72 hours after surgery which resolves by itself in 2-3 days.

4. – Can I wash my head?

You can wash your head 3 days after the surgery to avoid any type of friction on the follicles.

5. – Is my transplanted hair may fall in future?

Since these hairs are taken from the back side of head they are genetically resistant to fall so these are very few chances to fall.

6.- Will be stitches leaves scar on my back head?

In FUE method there is no scar at all but yes a fine linear scar is these in FUT method at site of skin harvesting which will be visible only when you shave your whole hairs.

7. – Will my existing hair falls after Transplant ?

Hair transplant is the procedure to implant hairs on bald areas and nothing to do with your existing hairs. To make your existing hair healthy you have to go for medical treatment like cyclical medicine, PRP therapy etc.

8.- What is PRP Therapy ?

Platelets Rich plasma (PRP) Therapy is a technique in which 8-10 ml of your blood is processed in a special machine to separate hair growth factors. In these hair growth factors we add additional supplement and then the whole solution is applied on your scalp.
This therapy arrest hair fall make them thick and sometimes re growth is also seen variably in patient with PRP Therapy.

Laser Hair Removal is a non invasive procedure that involves the use of a series of laser impulses on areas of the body where the skin has excess growth of hair for any reason. Basically speaking this procedure is one of the easiest and safest skin hair removal procedures around as it involves only the use of lasers and no other medicines, anaesthetics or anything of the kind. The procedure of Laser Hair Removal in Indore is certified safe for use on a large variety of body parts which includes the hands, the face, the legs and the abdomen and so on. Those who have experienced weight loss to a very large extent and those who suffer from stressful lifestyles often find themselves with various parts of their body where there is excess hair. These include regions around the neck, the hands, and the legs and so on. These bits of skin can be very unhealthy to look at and therefore must be corrected. Hair removal can be done by laser and this is one of the simplest and easiest methods that patients can follow. It is an entirely pain free and very quick solution which requires no extra precautions or care.