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Many Women desire to have the body they always wished in terms of their figure,shape and characteristics as well. And for the same they are using different strategies- One Being “ Breast Implantation” . Many Women choose to go for Breast job so as to increase the size of their breast as per their body frame.
Women also chooses Breast Implant for many of the reasons ranging from – Balancing out their uneven breasts to regaining the fullness in breasts after weight loss or pregnancy so as to get back in shape.

Breast Augmentation or Breast job is a kind of cosmetic surgery for women involving surgical addition of implants to improve the shape,size and form of breast and also to enhance the feel of your breasts. It is the most popular, safe and straightforward treatment for women with the higher satisfaction rate. It is also done to correct breast deformities occurred because of any breast infection,breast feeding, pregnancy. This way breast job tries to reconstruct or reshape the breast lacking in volume,shape or appearance.

Firstly the breast job starts with the consultation with the doctor ,as per your requirement discussion is held and best optimal treatment is planned and executed. In breast implantation basically three kinds of filler materials are used like- silicone gel. Saline solution and composite fillers so as to increase the volume accordingly. We can say that this reconstruction breast surgery starts off with the incision and then uses a tissue expander device that uses to implant pockets for creating the desired shape.

  • Improved fullness in shape
  • Long Lasting Effects
  • Improvement in Breast asymmetry
  • Improves sagging
  • Enhances Woman’s Self confidence

The breast implant is minimally invasive and unassailable procedure which makes the scars left out remain for few weeks and fade out gradually else there is less downtime period. The results of the breast job vary depending on an individual woman and the plan chosen for the same, but the increasing popularity of this surgery often speaks its success stories. The patient needs to stay one night at the operating center for the sake of monitoring and care.

 Marmm Klinik is renowned for Breast Implant in Indore, Bhopal & Jabalpur 

in the cosmetic field and so we value excellent reputation and brand image for patient safety care and satisfaction. From the first consultation till the post operative care our team is the same from starting till the end- Sympathetic,caring & highly skilled.

The cost for getting enhanced Breast is less and affordable with the optional pricing packages.


Choose What to Wear- Breast Implant Surgery !!

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A lot of women are unhappy with their breasts being small. This could be natural or the breast could shrunk due to age, pregnancy or some other reason. Breast enlargement surgery is an easy solution to this problem. In order to increase breast size breast implants are placed under the breast. Breast surgery consultation begins with a discussion with the consultation where the patient describes her desired size. The doctor then carefully examines the patient and decides what is the best that he can do. With careful surgery and good breast care one can have the perfect pair of breasts.

Breast lift is performed to give one a more youthful, tight pair of breasts. In this process the skin around breasts is tightened to provide a shapely, tight and firm breasts. This is particularly useful in case the breasts have a natural droop due to weight loss, pregnancy, breast feeding or some other reason. This breast surgery does not bring volume to the upper part of the breasts. Only breast augmentation can provide this. However with good breast care breast lift can provide very good results. The breast surgery cost is also not inhibitive.

Breast reduction is another common breast surgery that is performed. Sometimes this is desired and sometimes it is clinically required since volume of breasts can cause diseases like spondylitis. Breast reduction surgery does just the opposite of breast augmentation surgery. Breast care post a breast reduction surgery is really required to get back to normal work.

A number of problems can be associated to nipples on the breasts. This may include inverted nipple, expansion of nipple skin- generally post pregnancy and others. These defects can be corrected by nipple surgery. Nipple surgery conducted along with breast surgery can give excellent results.

Sujata Singh
I was really depressed and disappointed after I stop growing my breast at a very small cup size. That’s when someone suggested breast augmentation to me. I went for the surgery only 2 days back and I am already delighted to have them. It is really nice to check out the new me in the mirror.
Priya Verma
I am a mother of 3 children and really wanted my pre baby figure back. The first of the procedures that I went for was breast lift and augmentation. I was quite nervous on the day of my surgery but the confidence of the doctor at Marmm gave me confidence as well. The surgery finished within an hour and 2 days later I was almost completely recovered. Planning to go for more reshaping treatment at Marmm!
Sneha Dubey
I was suffering from spondylitis and it became really bad. Doctor suggested that this could be becoming critical due to my heavy breasts which was exerting pressure on my neck. Hence I went for breast reduction surgery at Marmm. The whole process was quite smooth and conducted with minimal discomfort. I can already feel my spondylitis problem becoming much better.
Anshika Jain
I had got breast augmentation done sometime back but was not too happy with them. I got them removed and went for breast lift at Marmm. I am happy that I made that decision. The entire staff was extremely courteous and professional. I felt really comfortable dealing with them. I will recommend Marmm for breast surgery to everyone who wants to go for it.
Bhumi Tripathi
I always wanted to go for breast augmentation but was worried about problems I may face later due to it. During my consultation with the doctor at Marmm, I was able to openly share all my worries and the doctor satisfactorily answered all of them. After 5 years and 2 children, I do not regret my decision 1 bit. I was able to breast feed both my children and love the new look.
Kajol Chauhan
I had a wedding to attend and I really wanted to wow everyone. Hence I got my breast implants done just 4 days before the wedding. But I was still able to attend the wedding! There was no pain and minimal recovery time. I am so glad I did it and felt so good receiving compliments in the wedding.
Disclaimer: Plastic and cosmetic surgery is depends on person to person and their skin type, medical & health condition